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RE: [IPk] Is a degree a prerequisite of understanding diabetes?

I would argue that it takes both intelligence and compassion to understand 
diabetes. Cleverness and intelligence are not necessarily the same. Eight 
years of higher education have shown me time and again that many very 
clever, highly 'degreed' individuals possess limited intelligence and less 
compassion. Intelligence seems to entail a sense that the more one learns, 
the more one realises one does not and may never know, but one has to do 
what one can with what one has. A lot of very clever people I know can't 
admit that they don't know something, but it's amazing how far they get if 
they bluff well. Yet I hope that intelligent people--with or without 
degrees--live more fulfilled lives and give more to others than bluffers. 
There's less risk of feeling like your position is being challenged and 
having to yell at someone who asks a question if you're honest about your 
limitations. I bet a lot of us have seen the differences between 
intelligence and cleverness in our relationships with medical personnel 
charged with helping us manage diabetes.

Probably ruffling feathers,

IDDM 9+ years; Minimed pumper 6+ years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

D.Phil. candidate, Faculty of Modern History
Balliol College

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