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[IPk] Re: Party Problem Again! Why?

To all you parents who beat up on yourselves because you forget to
remind your child to bolus, or beat up on your child because s/he
sometimes forgets to bolus, just remember you and your child are human.

I am 53 years old, with a PhD, working for many years in hospitals,
knowing (or thinking I do!) exactly why it is important to control
blood glucose as closely as possible - and I just occasionally forget
to bolus - and afterwards not only do I feel physically horrible, but I
also just ask myself why on earth I did not remember to bolus.

Sometimes it occurs when I am particularly involved or distracted by
something, sometimes for no particular reason. There probably is an
element of denial in it somewhere - even after 5 years with diabetes,
maybe I still somewhere secretly imagine that life could continue as it
did before without all this diabetes stuff. Sigh. If it occurs often,
then there is evidently some real problem, but if it is just very
occasional, seems to me the main thing is just to recognize it as soon
as possible, and do whatever necessary to get blood glucose back down
to normal quickly.


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