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[IPk] Re: Julia Robertson

In a message dated 08/03/2003 15:22:49 GMT Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Julia Robertson <email @ redacted>
> I am a 26 year old Primary School teacher who was diagnosed with Type 1
> diabetes in May 2002. I am in the middle of my months free trial with a
> pump and I am finding it amazing I feel better than I have in ages! I am
> Welsh and originally from Cardiff, though I have now moved to England!

Hello Julia

What part of England have you moved to?  I think it would be fantastic if I 
was to send my child to your school! I am having trouble with my daughter's 
school (like sending her to find her own medical box to get the sugary drink 
out of it when she is already feeling confused).  My daughter was diagnosed 
in Aug 2001 and on a pump in Nov 2002.  It has eased things tremendously I 
can tell you.  I am diabetic also (29 years) but not on a pump.  My sister 
and brother are also diabetic and all of us are insulin-dependant.

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