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[IPk] Responsibilities of children

I recall a particularly nasty hypo that happened just after having my second
child.  My eldest was just 2 years old at the time and I'd breast fed the baby
and put her down for a sleep.  The next thing I remember is somehow coming
round absolutely covered in sweat to find a sobbing toddler sitting in the
corner of the kitchen frightened to death of me.  God, was that a wake up
call.  Apparently I'd been really nasty to her every time she'd tried to wake
me up.  After this I decided that however young she was I had to try and make
her understand that I wasn't being like this because I wanted to, it was
something that may happen and if it did she wasn't to blame.  I then went out
and bought a new telephone that stored numbers.  I taught her that if she
tried to wake mummy and couldn't that she could ring daddy or nanny and that
if nobody answered then she was to prop the front door open and knock next
door, but was to go no further.  Luckily we live in a terrace house so she
wouldn't even have to go out of the gate.  Anyway she has had to use the phone
quite a few times over the last 7 years but has never had to go outside of the
house.  She is now able to give me some Hypostop if I need it but thankfully,
post-pump I've not gone that far out.

It just goes to show how children get used to routines.  Mine have always
eaten the same as me, ie meals at regular times etc.  Whilst out shopping last
Saturday they kept asking me when we were going to have lunch as it was nearly
1pm.  I said that if they were hungry when we got home then they could have it
then.  Fiona (age 9) said "but you always have lunch by now and you haven't
eaten".  I then had to explain that not everybody eats at set times and
sometimes people even skip meals, which I can do now.  She was absolutely

Karen Hennessy
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