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Re: [IPk] re Rant. whose diabetes is it anyway?

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From: "Smith, Beverley" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, March 07, 2003 9:22 AM
Subject: RE: [IPk] re Rant. whose diabetes is it anyway?

> I must be one of very few people who have had diabetes as
> long as me (26 yrs) and has NEVER used Mixtard.  Diagnosed at
> 11, in the days of boiling up glass syringes in a saucepan
> (prior to storing them in a jar of meths!!), >
Beverley, reading your message brought back some interesting memories for
me!  It sounds as if we were under the same consultant.  I'll never forget
having to sharpen those horrendous needles and using the 'chemistry set' to
check my urine.  One thing I particularly remember is continuously refilling
the test bottle before my hospital appointment to make sure my glucose level
was 0 or trace.  That way I would be told how well I was doing even though I
may have be carted off to hospital in an ambulance some 6 times since the
last appointment (this was after changing from the children's clinic to an
adult one at another hospital - not the one I'm at now).  Being the only
child in secondary school with diabetes I hated having to have to eat in
class during the afternoon and was constantly bullied because of it - the
perils of 2 x daily injections.  I look at how and when I eat now and when I
think back to what better control I could have had during my teenage years I
wonder how I've managed to survive this long without complications.

> I had two injections a day and each contained a short acting and a long
> acting insulin, different dosages and percentages.  I seem to
> have been blessed with good consultants from an early age.

Did you have to mix the two insulins in the same syringe?  I hated doing
this in case I ended up getting the first one into the second bottle!  I
couldn't believe the ease of testing when I got my first Glucometer - I also
remember it costing around #100 and thought things couldn't get any better
after we were allowed disposable syringes on prescription until I started
using the Pen.  Oh, how things change.........

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