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RE: [IPk] Getting a pump via the PCT

Dear Tim

Obviously I'm biased because I work for the best insulin pump company in the
UK! :)  On a serious note I would say in order to make your decision, you
should decide what you want from your pump, what are the priorities, do you
want a pre filled cartridge, or would you prefer a remote control function,
waterproofing, etc,  and even ask to see the pump before hand.  We often go
into the diabetes centre prior to arranging a training date, show you the
pump,consumables, etc, assess how you feel about everything and give you an
idea of what to expect both from the training and of course in the long

Hope this helps,
Best wishes


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 Have had agreement from local PCT to fund a pump and accessories for me -
miracles will never cease.......

 Have had Type 1 since 1974 (now aged 33). Have had much better control on
Lantus for last 2 years (put on as an experiment by my specialist at Leeds
general Infirmary), with HbA1c steady at 7.8. That is as good as I can get
even though I test 10 times a day. Have also had laser treatment on both
but am still able to drive.

 Play squash and golf which doesn't help with control, but hope pump will
set a better basal level (experience low blood sugars during the night)

 Have also put on 2 stone since going onto Lantus - get better control but
to eat big supper to overcome night time hypos. Hope the pump will help with
weight - I am 5ft 9 and weigh 14 stones (have never weighed that much!)

 Does anyone have any tips on what I should/ shouldn't get with the pump
considering a)active lifestyle and b)things like the best/most reliable
sets etc - at this point there doesn't appear to be much to choose from one
another! I feel that I might only get ONE chance to get what I need through
PCT and don't want to miss out!


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