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[IPk] Getting a pump via the PCT

 Have had agreement from local PCT to fund a pump and accessories for me -
miracles will never cease.......

 Have had Type 1 since 1974 (now aged 33). Have had much better control on
Lantus for last 2 years (put on as an experiment by my specialist at Leeds
general Infirmary), with HbA1c steady at 7.8. That is as good as I can get it
even though I test 10 times a day. Have also had laser treatment on both eyes
but am still able to drive.

 Play squash and golf which doesn't help with control, but hope pump will help
set a better basal level (experience low blood sugars during the night)

 Have also put on 2 stone since going onto Lantus - get better control but have
to eat big supper to overcome night time hypos. Hope the pump will help with
weight - I am 5ft 9 and weigh 14 stones (have never weighed that much!)

 Does anyone have any tips on what I should/ shouldn't get with the pump
considering a)active lifestyle and b)things like the best/most reliable infusion
sets etc - at this point there doesn't appear to be much to choose from one to
another! I feel that I might only get ONE chance to get what I need through the
PCT and don't want to miss out!


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