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Re: [IPk] Rant: Whose diabetes is it anyway?

Dear All,

 I agree so much with a great deal that's been written here. I love Melissa's
'locus of control' - something Toni didn't know she had (and why would she need
one - she had her mother).

 I do wonder, though, if there is that much which is 'special' or 'different'
about being diabetic.
 We also fail to teach our children how to manage their finances, and how to
have healthy relationships (and isn't diabetes just a kind of financial
relationship with oneself???)
 The only thing which diabetes makes difficult is that, psychologically and
phisiologically, just when you need the greatest health, in order to respond to
appropriately to things going a little awry, then one feels most awful, and is
most tempted to hope that things ignored will go away.
 Plus, of course, the unpredicatable nature of the swings and roundabouts of
control means that very often in _will_ go away!

Best wishes to all,

 (dm 30+, 508 1+, hoping that this will word-wrap for you when you see it, as it
doesn't on my screen ... I'm away from home, allegedly reading about Holland
Mania in the United States at the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th
century ... ignoring History won't make it go away)
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