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RE: [IPk] re Rant. whose diabetes is it anyway?

I must be one of very few people who have had diabetes as
long as me (26 yrs) and has NEVER used Mixtard.  Diagnosed at
11, in the days of boiling up glass syringes in a saucepan
(prior to storing them in a jar of meths!!), I had two
injections a day and each contained a short acting and a long
acting insulin, different dosages and percentages.  I seem to
have been blessed with good consultants from an early age.

I agree with all the statements concerning empowering
children.  I must admit when first diagnosed my mum looked
after everything.  I had my 'epiphany' aged about 15 when
reading an article on diabetes it occured to me that the
mid-morning and mid-afernoon snack size mars bars that my mum
gave me every day for my snacks were perhaps not the best
food for me to be having!  My mother had done a very good job
but never looked beyond what she had been told in a 10 minte
chat with the doctor every 6 months and as such some things
(sensible diet, insulin adjustment) had completely passed her
by.  I waited until I went to Uni and then requested a change
to MDI with my new consultant.  After that I took charge
myself and consequently sailed through Uni with very liitle
bother (apart from my disasterous trial of a long acting
insulin - but that's another story).


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