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[IPk] re Rant. whose diabetes is it anyway?

One has to thnk that the medical profession, society at large/ theses people's
parents are failing tham in a big way. Either these or these undergraduates
have big psychological problems ( denial etc)
I find it tragic that an Oxford undergraduate of all people can't take on
boared, or hasn't been educated in how to control their diabetes alongside
their life. I'm sure some overecontrolling parent or doctor with an old
fashioned,punitive attitude has told some of them that they cannot drink
rather than advised them about the effects of alcohol and diabetes and advice
re harm reduction if they must exceed sensible limits. I wonder if
embarassment abou the disease caused them to omitt insulin as well, rather
than inject in close proximity to their peers. Thses people are high flyers
but they risk cutting their successful careeers/ lives short if they carry on
in this fashion (or if they submitt to the tyranny of frequent/ severe hypos)

I have neglected my diabetes in the past particularly in early student days ,
but never to the extent of omitting insulin. Some of this so called rebellion
was the ridiculous frequency of hypos I had on MDI, alongside lack of
attention to adjusting dose according to BG results, activity levels. previous
nights beer intake etc. It was partly my fault because I think their was a
support group locally at that time and it was actually advertised in the
clinic as "do you want to control your diabetes and lead a normal life?". I
blame myself for not attending( denial perhaps as I thought I was leading a
normal life and controlling my diabetes)-

I belive the only 3 explanations for students behaving in the above fashion (
alcohol binge+ omitt insulin) are denial, lack of education and lack of
empowermentThe latter of course enabling the patient to control diabetes
around their life rather than the other way round

By the way. I wonder how many of these students are on mixtard rather than MDI
( a perfect recipe for rebellion as this virtually excludes empowrment)
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