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Re: [IPk] Party Problem Again! Why?

Charlie is just the same. The school nurses remind him to bolus when out
with friends/family or whoever,  and we all know, with the best will in the
world,  that sometimes it is just 'forgotten'. They are still very young and
have a huge amount to take on board. Mistakes will happen and we have to
learn to grit our teeth - and not over react... I think....This is probably
a guilt reaction because I am not around to administer to Charlie often

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> Hello everyone
> Most of you know that Danielle is on an insulin pump, which makes life
> easier as I am all too aware.  However, I find that people think that it
> the job of delivering the correct amount of insulin every time she eats,
> though I tell them it doesn't!
> Danielle went to a party at 4.30 pm today and I said to the mum "Can you
> please remind Danielle when she has finished eating, to give herself 2.5
> units of insulin?"  She said "Oh right, I will make a note now about it".
> Now this mum already knows about Danielle's diabetes because she went to
> year's party when she was on injections and the girls have been friends
> over 4 years.  I also said to Danielle "Now promise mummy that you will
> forget to give yourself a bolus as soon as you have finished eating".
> I picked her up at 6.30 pm and mouthed over to her "Did you do the bolus?"
> and Danielle looked back at me in astonishment.  She had forgotten and so
> the mum!  I have had a bit of a battle to get the blood sugar under
> again tonight since she came home.  She usually takes her mobile and I
> her a text message to remind her but the signal was no good in the rural
> she was at.  Never mind.  Better luck next time I say.
> Barbara
> Mum to Danielle aged 8 dx Aug 2001
> D myself
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