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[IPk] Party Problem Again! Why?

Hello everyone

Most of you know that Danielle is on an insulin pump, which makes life much 
easier as I am all too aware.  However, I find that people think that it does 
the job of delivering the correct amount of insulin every time she eats, even 
though I tell them it doesn't!

Danielle went to a party at 4.30 pm today and I said to the mum "Can you 
please remind Danielle when she has finished eating, to give herself 2.5 
units of insulin?"  She said "Oh right, I will make a note now about it".  
Now this mum already knows about Danielle's diabetes because she went to last 
year's party when she was on injections and the girls have been friends for 
over 4 years.  I also said to Danielle "Now promise mummy that you will not 
forget to give yourself a bolus as soon as you have finished eating".

I picked her up at 6.30 pm and mouthed over to her "Did you do the bolus?" 
and Danielle looked back at me in astonishment.  She had forgotten and so had 
the mum!  I have had a bit of a battle to get the blood sugar under control 
again tonight since she came home.  She usually takes her mobile and I send 
her a text message to remind her but the signal was no good in the rural area 
she was at.  Never mind.  Better luck next time I say.

Mum to Danielle aged 8 dx Aug 2001
D myself
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