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Re: [IPk] people who don't care

Just like to add something on this topic.  Last September I went on a
residential school trip for 5 days  to Swanage with a group of 9 - 11 year
olds and 3 other staff from the school that I work at.  None of the children
knew beforehand that I had diabetes and I was wondering how I would be able
to test and inject whilst being constantly surrounded by kids night and day.
I have never hid the diabetes away and frequently used my pen in public
albeit as discretely as I could.  Anyway what I discovered amazed me.  I had
various kids telling me that they knew someone who had diabetes, while
others were fascinated with the BG testing and the pen - "cor Miss, it looks
just like a real pen!"  After the initial novelty had worn off, nobody even
noticed.  The only thing that they said wasn't fair was that I was allowed
to eat when I needed to, ie when we were on one of our marathon walks.  They
haven't yet discovered my pump, although I have had a few puzzled looks in
the stomach direction where I've discovered some tubing hanging out.

All my colleagues are genuinely interested in what has happened to me over
the past few weeks and were absolutely stunned when I had to change
everything at work yesterday having overslept and not had time in the
morning.  I've never had any nasty comments when I sit around the table with
everyone else at lunchtime, test my BG and then up until recently injected.
I guess I must be really lucky!

DM 26years Pump 6 weeks and wondering how I've survived this long without
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