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[IPk] Tribunal over - thankyou one and all!

I'd like to say thankyou to all of you who supported me so much yesterday 
when I wrote to the list about the DLA tribunal today. I had my hearing at 
around 3pm and am pleased to say I have had my benefit for night time care 
reinstated. As per the words of the solicitor who was chairing the appeal, 
'We all agreed it should never have been withdrawn'! I was a so pleased to 
recieve this that the disappointment of not getting any mobility for the ME 
was not so bad. They did say that if the ME got worse, then to re apply in 
the future. 
Yes, the hearing was hard work to say the least, and humiliating. Some of the 
questions were down right ridiculous. They did not take kindly to the fact I 
had gone away for a much needed break/rest to the USA to some very good 
friends last April. I am annoyed that this is seen as being capable of 
managing on my own! This year we are going to the US again for a family 
holiday. I will need to be helped a lot this time as the ME is worse and will 
need to use a wheelchair, much to my annoyance. I will apply again after this 
for mobility.
But anyhow, the extra money and the back pay I will get means so much. It 
gets us out of a difficult financial crisis due to work cuts for both my 
husband and myself. 
Thanks once again...couldn't have done it alone!
BW Helen
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