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RE: [IPk] Good News and Confusion!

I've had a lot of anecdotal evidence that warm baths, showers, jacuzzis etc 
will lower BG, similar to warm weather, and although I've never experienced 
my insulin "cooking" due to any of these activities, in 25 years of 
pumping, I HAVE found that with the MiniMed (rather than the ancient pumps 
in which I used actrapid diluted with normal saline), insulin *can* cook in 
really hot weather (it's quite common for us here to have a number of weeks 
of temperatures in excess of 35c).

That just means that I need to change my sites more frequently in warm 
weather, but since I generally get 5-6 days from a site, I don't mind doing 
that at all! (Yes, I'm a very bad girl, but wow, those things are expensive!).

I believe that heat of most descriptions causes faster insulin absorption 
(hence lower BG readings), although I'm not aware of any studies into it.


At 06:22 PM 6/03/2003, you wrote:

>I have found in both jacuzzis and saunas that blood sugars do
>not rise.  Basically the heat means that things remain pretty
>stable or even that they fall a little.  I don't go that
>often but I have never noticed any problem with insulin
>'going off' and experiencing high blood sugars later on.  I
>would be interested to know how long I would have to sit in
>either before eventually my blood sugars started to rise
>(this experiment might be easier in a jacuzzi rather than a
>sauna).  As I said before one and a half hours in a jacuzzi
>with pump disconnected caused no problems whatsoever.

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