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Re: [IPk] people who don't care

In a message dated 3/5/2003 8:16:16 AM GMT Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My trainer was at first a littel
> embarassed when walking into a room and finding me measuring BG

Hi Abi,

Same experiences all round here!  I was forced to keep my diabetes "hidden" 
(although key people had been told) for these reasons. I was told off several 
times for doing bg measurements, in a hospital!!

My current team have known I'm diabetic since I started some years ago, 
though I'm delighted to say in a nice sort of way that they frequently forget 
(normal life these days!).  I test openly and everyone (secretary and IT 
staff as well as medics) is fine about it - I always check when anyone new 
joins the team in case they're not happy/likely to keel over at that sort of 
sight.  I also find it very odd that I've experienced far more tolerance of 
every aspect of my diabetes in an office-based team than in nearly15 years of 
hospital work before that.

If you ever want to exchange anecdotes off list, I'd be delighted!

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