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[IPk] Re: DLA Tribunal Tomorrow

Hi Helen

When you go to the tribunal just stick to the facts and try not to raise
issues that are not legally relavant.

Try and ensure you have the person who normally cares for you in attendance
also.  Take a list of recent blood sugars and hypo's with you and also offer,
if necessary, to show them what you/your partner carry with you to use in the
event of an emergency.  I.e glucagon etc.

Are your hypo's unpredictable, without symptoms etc.  Does it cause you to
have fits regularly?  If so, then the following is likely to apply:

you may be entitled to help with care, at the middle rate because you need to
be constantly supervised. ON AN ANTICIPATORY BASIS (this is important), with
or without short breaks right through the day, so that you do not cause
substantial danger to yourself, or others.  Can you show that there is a
substantial risk of serious injury or even death if you did not have the help
you need?

Remember you don't actually have to be receiving the care if it is not
available to you.  You just have to need the care.

In summary: If the things that are happening to you are unpredictable and put
you or others in danger then it is likely that you may qualify for the middle
rate of care.

Unfortunately this is a very complex area of law.  If you want to discuss this
further then please contact me off list.  In any event, all the best for

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