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RE: [IPk] DLA tribunal tomorrow

Hi Helen,

Just wish you'd written about this sooner, lass!

I've had experience of two tribunals and refused to appeal to go to a third.
One was successful, one wasn't (doc voted I should get the allowance, lay
person and lay chair solicitor said no).  Like you I have multiple health
issues to deal with and it's a nightmare.

Don't feel bad about dreading the experience, most of us feel that way
including my brother-in-law who runs his own company and is no walkover.

Take a deep breath and remember that this is your chance to explain in
person the problems you have and what is typical *for you*!

Do you have someone to go with you e.g. a representative from the local
County Council Welfare Rights Service?  They are excellent people to go to
for help in filling in these forms.

In a previous incarnation I used to be civil servant and at another time
used to provide a welfare rights service after training.  But I still go
there to get help for myself.  It's knowing how to phrase something that
seems to tip the scales.  Stupid and demeaning and all sorts of negative
connotations here spring to mind!

If you want to write to me off-list for more on this please do.  Or if you
want to speak to me on the phone, e-mail me privately and I'll give you the
relevant details.  (I'm off to church for an Ash Wednesday service at 7.30
but will be home by 9.  I know how flawed I am.  That's why I'm going <g>)

Hang in there, Helen

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