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[IPk] Helen, DLA tribunal

I don't understand why  you can't get DLA. But then I don't understand why you
are stuck in  the situation where you need to claim it from a diabetes point
of view

quite frankly I believe that if you have an illness inflicted upon you
requiring treatment that casues blackouts or confusion or makes you unable to
function as a normal person you should be getting some form of recompense. (
as long as you are not being irresponsible re insulin dose timing BG tests and
snacking). The people who are responsible for making these decisions need a
smack in the teeth!. They are saying that you do not need  help when you have
collapsed in public!. Of course if you were getting optimum care for your
diabetes( ie CSII) the situation would probably be different.With all the
publicity about D being a burden on society no one even thinks to mention the
burden on the sufferer!
What really annoys me is how long it is taking to get less crude more
physiological treatments ( not just pumps, but MDI, analogues, carb counting,
good education no rationing of strips for type 1etc etc) let alone moving on
from exogenous insulin. No one ever seems to realise what a dangerous drug it
is. If  used for any other illness I am sure an alternative would be found but
in DM when it is the only thing that sustains life we are stuck with it
Helen you should not be claiming DLA for diabetes quite simply because we
should have move on from a treatment which casues so much morbidity from
hypos, be it pumps or something even more advnced such as a closed loop system
or islet transplant

Sorry , just had to get that off my chest. ( the bit about crude treatments)
It's something that has been making my blood boil for a  long time now
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