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Re: [IPk] DLA tribunal tomorrow

Hi Helen
I can't offer any practical advice, but I'm just curious.
What would you actually use the money for?
Would you actually pay someone to stay awake at night / accompany you during 
the day and watch you?
Or what?
I don't mean you shouldn't be entitled to it, but just wondering how you 
would use it.

On Wednesday 05 March 2003 15:46, you wrote:
> HI
> Don't know if anyone has had to go through one of these. For less than a
> year, I was getting a very small amount of DLA for nightime care as I have
> hypo's during the night. It came up for renewal last November and I had to
> through the rigmarole of filling in all the forms again. I hoped the
> benefit may be upped a bit as the ME/CFS/Fybro or lupus or whatever this is
> getting worse. I have arthritis, too. I've never been a lazy person or
> someone who lets illness get the better of me and, rather foolishly now I
> realise, never complained to the doc about aches and pains and the way I
> was feeling. But lately this has got so bad, plus the diabetes has become
> poorly controlled and they all have an effect on each other.
> Anyhow, the benefit was stopped before Christmas as they said I no longer
> met the criteria. I appealed and again it was turned down. I have a
> tribunal hearing tomorrow which I am absolutely dreading! I am a very
> highly strung, stressed out person and this is really bothering me. The
> worst thing is, I have no idea what to expect! I have only heard bad things
> about these tribunals as, from time to time, there are people quoted in the
> newspapers saying how they were treated like frauds and questioned as
> though they were in court!
> What I would like to know is, has anyone been through a tribunal and what
> was it really like? I know I'm leaving this a bit late, but nerves are
> setting in now!
> BTW, the quote on my first appeal which was turned down reads: (amongst
> other things, but this bit pertains to the diabetes) " C. The information
> we have shows that Mrs McCarthy knows which activities may be dangerous and
> she can ask for someone to be there at those times. Mrs McC does not need
> supervision during the day" (This was due to me putting down that I had a
> number of bad hypos in public areas and had to be helped by members of the
> public or, on one occasion, my 5 and 6 year old kids as I was 'out of it')!
> and "D. Although she sometimes has hypoglyaecemic episodes during the night
> and may need help during these times, looking at all the evidence the
> decision is that the risk of substantial danger at night is not enough for
> Mrs McC to need someone to be awake to watch over her at night" (I had put
> that I had had hypos, bitten my tongue, ended up in hospital more than
> once, my husband could not work night shift when asked to do so or stay
> over night anywhere).
> Any help or advice would be gratefully recd!
> Thanks
> Helen
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