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[IPk] people who don't care

Just had to mention this
When I was working in Obs and Gynae there was a midwife who kept on at me to
see the diabetes consultant  if I ever mentioned I was feeling a bit low and
needed a snack ( 3.5 to 4 mmols not a flat out hypo), or feeling a bit off
colour becasue BG was high
This annoyed me although she was actually a very considerate and pleasant
person and normally had a good sense of humour. The annoyance was in part
through not seeing what those with DM have to live with, and partly for
thinking that a consultant ( with a dreadfully laissez faire attitde although
also a nice bloke) knew mnore about my diabetes than I do

6 months later I was in a GP training post. My trainer was at first a littel
embarassed when walking into a room and finding me measuring BG( why? reminder
of illness/ he obviouslt felt a little uncomfortable) . He soon got used to me
doing this, and when I felt hypo and got out my glucose tabs he did not say
anything. Afterwoods I mentioned I was feeling hypo in case he thought I was
just scoffing sweets and not offering him one, he just said that he realised,
was I feeling better now?. He even cottoned on why Iwas checking my BG after
the hypo to make sure I was at a reasonable level to drive home( joking that I
had a witness!!). A far better attitude
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