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Re: [IPk] Good News and Confusion!

Hi Karen,

I had the same thing happen several times before I had an epiphany. As 
Humalog is so short-acting, one can see rises in bg that can last a couple 
of hours even after suspending for a short time if one does not bolus quite 
a lot to make up for lost insulin.

For instance, say you are normally on a 1.3 u./hr. basal rate, your normal 
carb : insulin ratio is 13 g : 1 u, and your normal correction bolus ratio 
is 1u per 2.2 m/mol above 5.6 m/mol. You need to think about the amount of 
basal insulin you are missing if you disconnect, unless you are doing 
strenuous exercise (or at least really moving around) to burn glucose.

If you had the set-up I just described, which is basically my afternoon 
profile, you would have underbolused by almost a unit. You would have needed 
1.3 + .6, or 1.9 units, for 1.5 hours off pump. Not taking (say) .7 u. when 
your bg reached 6.7 would mean that it would keep going up--there's no 
intermediate-acting 'safety net' (as it were) anymore.

As for keeping the pump dry: I always put mine under my (folded) towel on my 
chair at the pool, along with my bg meter. Unless someone intends to use my 
towel, my meter and my pump remain well hidden, dry, in my sight, and easy 
to get at if I need them. Of course, it could be very awkward to reconnect 
if you're wearing a one-piece swimsuit!! It might be worth looking into 
those 'tankini and shorts' suits: a top that looks like a regular swimsuit 
plus loose-fitting shorts with a liner would be very modest but allow access 
to your tummy as well as a waistband to which to attach the pump if you 
needed to stand by the side of the pool and watch the kids for a couple of 

It's amazing how a few tenths of a unit--increments so small they're nigh 
impossible to measure in a regular 30-unit syringe--can make such a big 
difference when one's on just Humalog in a pump!

BIG CONGRATS on the fantastic HbA1c and the great news from your 

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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Subject: [IPk] Good News and Confusion!
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 22:07:12 -0000

Hi everyone

Well the good news is that I went back to see the Consultant yesterday and 
given the go ahead to continue on the pump.  My A1c was down to 6.8 - the
lowest it's been for years.

The confusion is that I went swimming on Friday and took your advice Diana.  
started off well BG 5.8 before getting in the pool, after half an hour I
checked again - 6.7.  When I got out after another half an hour I'd shot up 
9.6.  I gave myself a 1 unit bolus and hour later was 13.7.  I can't quite
work out what happened there.

Does anyone have any thoughts on using a Sportguard with the 508?  I've
checked the archives and wondered if there is more up to date info on this.
I'd hate to jeopardise my pump now I've got it but it is awkward trying to
explain to 2 children that we can only go swimming for half an hour!
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