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[IPk] Good News and Confusion!

Hi everyone

Well the good news is that I went back to see the Consultant yesterday and was
given the go ahead to continue on the pump.  My A1c was down to 6.8 - the
lowest it's been for years.

The confusion is that I went swimming on Friday and took your advice Diana.  I
started off well BG 5.8 before getting in the pool, after half an hour I
checked again - 6.7.  When I got out after another half an hour I'd shot up to
9.6.  I gave myself a 1 unit bolus and hour later was 13.7.  I can't quite
work out what happened there.

Does anyone have any thoughts on using a Sportguard with the 508?  I've
checked the archives and wondered if there is more up to date info on this.
I'd hate to jeopardise my pump now I've got it but it is awkward trying to
explain to 2 children that we can only go swimming for half an hour!
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