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[IPk] Bad Seizure - This is what it feels like......

Hello everyone

I know some of you are diabetic yourselves and some of you are parents of 
children with diabetes.  I am often asked things about what it is like to, 
say be diabetic as a child and what it's like to feel hypo etc.  Well, I am 
going to explain what happened to me on Sunday night and how it felt so that 
you will know how your children feel.

Well on Sunday night I was going to watch Cold Feet but was so unbelievably 
tired that I went to bed instead.  I hated myself for wanting to go to sleep 
instead of watching it because I was waiting for it all week!  I was too 
tired to take my blood sugar to ease my mind for through the night.  I must 
have fell asleep around 9.25 pm.

At 11.15 pm, I asked my husband "What are you doing?" and he said "You have 
just had a hypo (he means a seizure/fit/convulsion) and I have just injected 
you with glucagon".  I immediately began to feel sick and leaned over the 
bed.  I don't remember this either.  He gave me something to be sick in and 
then told me to carry on drinking the coke and lucozade which he had put 
beside me.  Well, when you have had a seizure, you feel really sick and the 
taste and smell of the lucozade is disgusting.  I moaned a lot about not 
wanting to drink it because I was going to be sick, but I tried.  I was still 
not aware of anything yet. (However, my husband said it only took 5 - 10 
seconds for me to respond to the glucagon).

The first thing I remember was about 12.30 pm when I had the urge to be sick 
so I went to the bathroom and was in there for ages.  When I got back into 
the bedroom, I started to ask questions.  I was now fully aware and ready to 
be told what happened.

My husband said that I had started making noises and then my whole body 
tensed up.  I was clenching my fists and every single muscle in my body.  My 
stomach was pushed out so far, he said it looked like I was 6 months' 
pregnant.  He injected me in my leg with glucagon and I started to relax very 
quickly and then opened my eyes to ask him what he was doing.  I don't 
remember any of this and certainly did not feel the needle going in.

However all of yesterday I had to stay in bed because I was totally worn out 
and today I feel like I have gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson.  Every single 
muscle is hurting so much and I am stiff.  I know this will be ok in a few 
days but it just shows that my body was so tense during the seizure.

I have had these before but not for nearly 5 years.  I know it's my own fault 
and I will ensure I don't put myself in this position again.  I just want all 
you parents to understand that if your child has had a seizure, they know 
absolutely nothing about it - it is just more upsetting for the person or 
parent who is trying to get them out of it.

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