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RE: [IPk] NICE report and Diabetes UK/Balance

Hi Audrey

I agree with you completely.  I read this months issue of
Balance in complete disgust again!  Having been diagnosed
with Rheumatoid Arthritis last summer I was interested in
their article on diabetes and arthritis.  I wanted to know
what the incidence of having more than one auto-immune
condition was? - If you have 2 AI conditions does that
increase your chance of getting another?  Does having
diabetes affect the severity of your arthritis?  Are there
indications as to how severe it can become?  What about
exercise and arthritis?  How bad is running for you if you
have arthritis?  What are my children's chances of having one
or other condition and what are their chances of having both?
I could type questions all day but not one was answered in
the article which I assume was written for a 2-year old with
learning difficulties.  Not a mention of pumps again or a
note about the imminent publication of the NICE guidelines.
Anyway I have had enough of being patronised by a publication
that deliberately fails to inform people and will be
cancelling my subscription.  Rant over now.

I agree about the JDRF, a much better publication, very
interesting articles (a good one on transplants and the
Edmonton protocol last month or the month before - which made
me thing about the immunosuppressant drugs they are trying to
persuade me to take for my arthritis, I wonder if they are
the same ones used to prevent rejection - and auto-immune
destruction- of new islets following a transplant?  Maybe I
could fix two conditions with one treatment?  There's a
question - but for the JDRF rather than Balance I think!!  I
ran my half-marathon for the JDRF last September too and I
agree they were great.



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