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Re: [IPk] People who don't care.....

>  too much fuss. They point to Tom and say "well hes fine isn't he"! When I
> pointed out that once he had
>  a severe hypo and was unconscious for 24 hours with brain swelling they
> realised!!


This should not be happeing

We have a right to be obsessed: feeling crap due to high BG/ DKA on
occasions, all too often long term complications and the danger of hypos and
potential for loss of driving licence, livelihood and independance

I wonder if the NHS would like us all to be subservient, uncomplaining,
accepting of poor health and restrictons. ( see Melissa's post ..)

Less short term expense then to the NHS. We've discussed this before. If
short tterm care and long term complications came directly out of the same
budget would attitudes and emphasis shift?

How dare that boys Mum say " he's all right"
He could have ended up with permanent neurological damage. She is guilty of
neglect and his clinical team are negligent. Is he supposed to periodically
collaps elike this. What if he wants to get a job/ go to uni/ drink safelky
or get a driving licence in a few years time?
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