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[IPk] Re: BG's Gone Bonkers!

Hi Nick,

I certainly sympathise. If you looked back through the mail archives from
early february you would see that I went through a period where I just seemed
to stop responding to insulin. I tried all kinds of things, including
switching to NovoRapid from Humalog, taking an injection of glargine in
addition to using the pump and even abandoning the pump altogether. Up until
last week I was still running basals between 4 and 6 units per hour (whereas
previously I had run between 0.6 and 1.2) My team and I have yet to come up
with an explanation for why this happens to me (its happened a few times) but
I've discovered that my body will do crazy things, and from responses I've had
on this list, I know I'm not alone (and consequently less depressed about the
whole thing now)

As others have already said, all kinds of things can cause bgs to go crazy,
and I think some of these things are probably things we just can't detect - it
may even be the seasons! (Which might explain something like needing a
complete basal rate overhaul a couple of times a year)

Your plan sounds like a sensible approach. Now things are gradually creeping
back towards normal for me, I'm treating it very much as if I've just started
on the pump from scratch - i.e setting up nighttime basals first etc

Hope you manage to get things back where you want them

IDDM 19+ years Pumper 10(ish) months
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