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Re: [IPk] People who don't care.....

This is a feeling that I've had all too often. It is indeed awful to be 
judged for the way you deal with this condition. It is awful to feel that 
people think you're obsessed, neurotic, incapable of dealing with it or even 
for them to feel superior that they handle their condition better. However, 
at the end of the day it is your life or in my case, my son's life that is 
important and people can have all the opinions they like - I shall continue 
to strive to care for HIS health and blow what they think. I believe that 
it's up to the individual to do the best that they can and even then too 
much is down to the luck of the draw.
You and all (or at least 99.9%) of the people on this list will surely have 
felt the same at some point - you know you're right to look after yourself 
the way you are doing. I know it's not a healthy attitude but I do 
occasionally wish some people their come uppance. (That's frighteningly 
honest isn't it?)


>From: Caroline Jane Batistoni <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IPk] People who don't care.....
>Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 13:24:54 +0000
>I'm feeling fed up today and want to have a moan.
>I don't know too many other type 1's, but unfortunately one of those
>that I do know, and that quite a lot of my friends know pretty well too,
>simply doesn't care about her diabetes. I completely respect people's
>right to deal with, or indeed neglect, their own health as they choose,
>but right now its undermining my right to actually care a lot about my
>diabetes. Which is my reason for venting here amongst others who do
>actually care about their health.
>This particular person takes mixtard twice daily and rarely, if ever,
>tests her blood sugar or injects in public. In fact, she rarely carries
>any kind of diabetes paraphenalia around (and guesses at treating
>hypos!) The problem is that she makes it look easy. Despite the fact
>that in terms of long term health she is probably doing herself no
>favours, in the short term she manages ok - very few hypos as a
>consequence of not having, or attempting for "tight" control. Because I
>sometimes have hypos (by which I mean times when I need some Lucozade -
>not even hypos that require intervention from others(not often now,
>anyway!)) and devote a reasonable amount of time to testing blood sugars
>and generally looking after myself, some of my friends, and even those
>wonderful tutors of mine, compare the two of us and jump to the
>conclusion that I'm making a fuss about nothing, and also that I'm
>'failing' in some way because of a few hypos. It really hurts.
>The issue isn't even all about understanding the effort required to
>control diabetes well, (although sometimes it would be nice if people
>did) its about the simple fact that people can't respect my right to
>want good health and to do what it takes to achieve it, not just for
>the short-term, but the long-term as well.
>Ok, moan over.
>Caroline Batistoni
>email @ redacted
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