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RE: [IPk] BG's Gone Bonkers!

Thanks Di

One thing I always find is that the *moment* my BG's get higher than normal,
I come down with some minor infection (usually just spotty etc.), my glands
swell up and then I'm caught in a vicious circle....Infection keeps BG's
higher which means immune system can't fight infection etc...

I think the way I'm going to tackle this is;

1) Get the overnight basals right
2) Work on fine tuning the afternoon basals
3) Work on fine tuning the morning basals
4) Review insulin/carb ratio.

Hopefully I can get things back on track!



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Hi Nick
I'd say it's one of two things.
(1) You're ill and it's causing an decrease in your insulin sensitivity
(2) It's the high BGs which are making you feel ill (most likely in my 

Sometimes for no apparent reason your insulin needs change. Some people find

the different seasons or weather affect their insulin sensitivity.
Have you tried increasing your insulin/carb ratio???
That's the first place I'd start. Don't worry about WHY it's happening, just

try and find a solution first.

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