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RE: [IPk] BG's Gone Bonkers!

Hi Nick

I agree with Di, my basal needs have changed 3 times since I
started on the pump about 18 months ago.  This was typical
when I was on MDI as well.  Usually 3 or 4 times a year I
have to hike everything up or down and sometimes by 20% or
more!  If I were in you shoes I would try an increase through
the night and check it once or twice in the night for two
nights and see if it has made any difference.  I know its a
pain, but in my case at least, it quickly settles down again
when you get it right.  I still find it puzzling though how
small tweaks to my hourly rates in the night seem to make a
much bigger difference at night than in the day.

Hope you fix it fast.


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Hi All

I've been using my D-Tron now for 18 months or so, and had
been doing very
well.  Recently though (last couple of months) things seem to
have taken a
turn for the worse.  I have been on a daily basal of 13.6mmol
with a bolus
of 1u for every 15g carb.  This has worked for me pretty well
recently.  I'm now finding that regularly absorbed foods
(like potato,
chocolate, fruit NOT horrors like Pizza/pasta) don't seem to
be covered by
my 15g.  Example;

BG = 7.0
Inject 3u
Eat 1 sandwich with 45g carb
Test 2 hours later - BG 9u, 10u, 12u etc...

It's not just the food though; I'm waking up with much higher
BG's (10-12)
than I should.  I'm even finding that I'll wake myself at
3am, test and get
in the region on 12-14, take a corrective dose and then STILL
wake up with
high BG in the region of 10-12

Worse thing of all is I can't seem to find a pattern or cause
for this.  My
lifestyle hasn't changed.  I do find I'm very tired,
lethargic and crave
(REALLY CRAVE) carb like crisps and chocolate throughout the
day and evening
especially.  Whenever I find a high BG I take a corrective

This last week I have been feeling very ill (tired, achy,
headachy...sleeping a lot more).  I Was off work for all last
week.  I just
could not get out of bed....  I've found that to get anywhere
near normal
sugars I'm running my basal at 150% of normal.

Now I like to think that I'm a fairly well educated
diabetic...but this is
beginning to really get me down.  Why the big change - where
do I start to
get things back on track?  It has all started to seem
overwhelming so I'm
going in to a kind of denial and just "fixing" my highs when
I find them.
Also am I ill or is this just a result of my high BG's
etc......can I even
begin to start making regime changes etc....

Just ranting I guess, looking for a bit of encouragement and
perhaps sharing
of similar experiences or tips.



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