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RE: [IPk] NICE Implications for Funding


I obtained funding (bought the pump myself but consumables
are now paid for) for exactly the same reasons as you state -
ie Dawn Phenomena.  Instead of allowing myself to go high I
went hypo almost every night.  I never required an ambulance,
had excellent Hba1cs but had several years of periods of
unconsciousness most nights.  I pointed out how dangerous
this was (I have 2 small children and a husband who often
works away from home) but even if I was on my own what is the
point of a fire alarm if you risk being unconscious when it
goes off?!  I wrote numerous letter and made several phone
calls.  Fight hard and make a nuisance of yourself!!

Good luck


IDDM 26years 508 18 months

Beverley Smith
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SNS Team Leader
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I've just had a look at the web site Scotlands equivalent to 
NICE (Health Technology Board) and have discovered that they 
will be implementing the recommendations made by NICE without

For those with hypo unawareness it must be good news, however

I am disappointed that this is only the criteria for funding 
as I have been extremely lucky never to have had problems 
with hypo unawareness. I started the pump due to the dawn 
phenomenon depsite trying numerous insulin regimens etc.. My 
control has improved so much since starting the pump that I 
can now wake in the morning pretty confident that my BGs will

not be sky high. My overall control has improved, I'm able to

do my job more effectively and my quality of life has 
improved remarkedly. 
Is it still worth me persuing funding or should I just accept

the fact that I will have to pay for my own pump and 
supplies? Maybe I should give the new basal insulin a shot 
but I can't imagine how I would cope without the flexibility 
that a pump has given me. 

IDDM 16 years, D-TRON 2yrs 9 months
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