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Re: [IPk] Diabetes UK

As an outsider to the 'system' (such as it is) in the UK (not to imply that 
there is a better organised 'system' anywhere else, but to point out that 
many things we consider 'systems' are way less than functional, something I 
would hope an actual system would be), here's what I've thought up:

Why on earth _would_ Diabetes UK take a stand for technologies, techniques, 
and theories that the NHS has not already enthusiastically embraced? If D-UK 
were to go about encouraging people to speak to their GPs/consultants/nurses 
about getting more frequent HbA1Cs (two a year = not enough!!), wider 
availability of pumps, or getting more diabetes education, the NHS could 
accuse D-UK of sensationalistically trying to create demand for services 
already in short supply and/or needlessly attempting to place a greater 
drain limited resources. The NHS has very big problems on its hands; the 
last thing it wants is a well educated citizenry demanding appropriate 
treatment. If D-UK is to be effective at achieving any of its aims, keeping 
a conservative, establishment-style 'party line' keeps it credible in the 
eyes of those who trust the NHS. And that's the way the NHS likes it, 
because it won't have to change if everyone's disillusioned and complacent.

Reactionary? Yup!

IDDM 9+ years; MiniMed pumper 6+ years; American w/an attitude 21+ years
Co-ordinator, Oxford University Student Union Diabetes Network

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