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[IPk] Diabetes UK

No, I'm going to have a bit of a bitching session. re D UK...

As I said before: the stance on pumps ( being brushed over at a conference)
has been quite shocking
also advocating a diet that is high in uncounted carbs until recently when
they mentioned DAFNE and the fact that high carb doesn't necessarily suit all
The constant " healthy lifestyle" message being pushed across must infuriate
people on this list who have for the most adhered to this and still had
complications. And some of the readers writing in quashing those with less
conservative views ( there was one about injections in public), and
critiscising those who indulge in a bit of perfectly justified self pity
Also , very little actually about management of T1/ doseage adjustment, causes
of labile BGS( other than not living a healthy lifestyle), and  alot of
emphasis on keeping BG between 4 and 7 and not saying how to do this
Seems to be a bit of  a club for the smug and virtuous !!. Actually I wote a
reply re some people having BG strips restricted, reinforcing how
innapropriate this is

I intend to keep up membership but just feel like having a bitch!
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