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Re:[IPk] NICE report and Diabetes UK/Balance

Thanks Abi..
Yes, you're probably right in that it may be in the next issue, although 
there is nothing on the website, either. May be I'm just impatient!
I did finish my DUK memebrship some years ago as I was paying the full rate, 
despite being on a low income. I asked them for various pieces of, what I 
would have thought was basic, information but they could not advise and I 
ended up finding out what I needed to know from internet lists, such as this 
one. (As is the case in this area, the clinic team were unable to help). 
Plus, problems with insurance and their attitude when I reported the firm 
they were endorsing. What also bothered me was the pessimistic attitude and 
the restricted lifestyle they were always pushing forward, then in the next 
breath saying you could do x, y and z. and problem with control was always 
the fault of the individual and could be rectified by hard work! Also, they 
do seem stuck in the past and I don't think this helps the cause of those 
trying to move forward with pumps, etc.
OK, this is only my own personal view. I'm sure others will have had 
different experiences and if they have found help and support through DUK, 
then that is good.
BW Helen
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