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[IPk] NICE report and Diabetes UK/Balance

Just noticed that D-UK are rather noticable in their silence regarding the 
NICE report and infusion pumps in this months Balance. I would have expected 
a report and a statement on their position regarding this issue, at least. I 
know they have issued a statement in the past but surely something as 
important as this should have been re- addressed.

Maybe this is why I left D-UK a few years back. I was paying quite a lot of 
money out for their 'services' and getting nothing in return. Any 'new' 
technology and they weren't interested. I don't want to open a can of worms. 
Just wondered if anyone has any idea why they take such a stance?

Or am I being impatient? Maybe they will have something in their next issue? 
Helen-surprised by this.
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