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[IPk] type 1 vs type2

Pat, in response to your comments about type 1 being easier:
If some endogenous insulin is available ( and secreted on a predictable
basis ie not much hour to hour or day to day variation), as it is in type
2s, shouldn't it make BG levels a bit easier? I thought it would be similar
to the " honeymoon" in type 1 DM
Of course other factors like insulin resistance have to be taken into
I understand that some people with type 2 on insulin have great difficulty
in establishing control, so this theory obviously doesn't always apply

I think it's also now established that some people with type 2 are actually
a very slow onset type 1( Rhoda, is this what is meant by type 1 1///2?)

Should there be any rules barring people with type 2 on insulin to having a
flexible approach to type, timing and quantity of food, any more than those
with type 1? ( of course, taking into account that weight control is more
likely to be an issue here although not in all cases)

I think the problem is that many doctors prefer the more simplistic 2
injection regimen for people with type2 ( one of the text books states that
twice daily mixes rarely work well except for people with some residual
I have only seen 2 people with type 2 on MDI ( both struggling with control
on 2x daily and one whose control was still poor - I think A1c went from 12
to 10% and still suffering from recurrent severe hypos)

I think the real issue is that type 2 often results in an inflexible
approach and it is this and not the diabetes itself which restricts. If
people don't mind this and they get good control - fine.But I'm not sure if
many realise there are other approaches
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