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Re: [IPk] Re: healthy diet option for Type 2s

Hi Rhoda,

I think I was a bit unclear: my friend is on 2x a day, strict diet: I
want to know can type 2s do mdi cho assessment/healthy eating?

The fact that there are some type 2s on the pump and she regularly hypos
after breakfast  suggests to me that a move from 2x to mdi is called for
... but would this bring the _added_ benefit of carbohydrate assessment?  

Or must type 2s stick to the same food each day?

Best wishes,

(dm type 1 thank the gods, cos I couldn't hack type 2, 30+, 508 9months

In message <email @ redacted>,
email @ redacted writes
>Yikes on a bike, I'm Type 2 (OK going on weird) but if I tried 2 days 
>rotation diet like the one you outlined on a two injection a day 
>regime - I'd be in trouble BIG TIME!  Maybe there are some Type 2s 
>out there whose system would let them cope with it but mine certainly 
>wouldn't.  I always remind myself that DM is very idiopathic.
>What sort of insulin is your friend using to inject twice a day?  
>Mixed?  If so what?
>If mixed - and I presume it is at least partly intermediate acting - 
>how on earth can she inject "just the right amount of
>insulin to cover the food you eat."  ?  OK with Humalog/Lispro you 
>can do this but not if it's intermediate acting or actrapid/regular 
>which takes longer to take effect.  
>What are your friend's fbgs?
>Not enough info given to offer opinion - really.
>If she's newly dxed and even if not, I'd recommend she read "Type 2 
>Diabetes: An essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed"  writen by 
>Gretchen Becker (herself a Type 2 but a scientist and very 
>knowledgable).  It's published by Marlowe & Company and is available 
>at Amazon, Barns and Noble and other bookstores.  (around #10 or RRP 
>in US of $14.95 - no need to pay that).  I've learned a lot from it 
>even after 23 years of doing the walk with this darn disease and 
>Gretchen discusses various options for diets/WOE or whatever and 
>pushes none.  
>I have no vested interest in this book despite the fact I know 
>Gretchen - just found it very helpful and readable and I've loaned it 
>to newbies who found it helped lift the fog, fear and ignorance often 
>associated with dx.
>Personally I go for a moderately low carb way of eating and use the 
>Glycemic Index to help.  Also go for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 
>monounsat fat route and eat some fruit and veg and definitely cover 
>the 5 portions per day without going over 70g carb total.  I just 
>choose my fruits and veggies carefully and add herbs, spices, seeds 
>and appropriate nuts etc to keep the trace elements etc in balance.
>I still need 5 or 6 injections a day (involving 2 basal intermediate 
>acting and 3 or 4 humalog)  to do this, although insulin doses are 
>lower than on the higher carb route.  For me this reduces bloating, 
>blood pressure levels and keeps most of the neuropathy in bowels 
>reasonably under control.  
>If your friend keeps good DM control on 2 injections a day - more 
>power to her elbow :-)  If I sound faintly envious - it could be 
>because I am <G>
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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