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[IPk] Re: healthy diet option for Type 2s

Yikes on a bike, I'm Type 2 (OK going on weird) but if I tried 2 days 
rotation diet like the one you outlined on a two injection a day 
regime - I'd be in trouble BIG TIME!  Maybe there are some Type 2s 
out there whose system would let them cope with it but mine certainly 
wouldn't.  I always remind myself that DM is very idiopathic.

What sort of insulin is your friend using to inject twice a day?  
Mixed?  If so what?

If mixed - and I presume it is at least partly intermediate acting - 
how on earth can she inject "just the right amount of
insulin to cover the food you eat."  ?  OK with Humalog/Lispro you 
can do this but not if it's intermediate acting or actrapid/regular 
which takes longer to take effect.  

What are your friend's fbgs?

Not enough info given to offer opinion - really.
If she's newly dxed and even if not, I'd recommend she read "Type 2 
Diabetes: An essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed"  writen by 
Gretchen Becker (herself a Type 2 but a scientist and very 
knowledgable).  It's published by Marlowe & Company and is available 
at Amazon, Barns and Noble and other bookstores.  (around #10 or RRP 
in US of $14.95 - no need to pay that).  I've learned a lot from it 
even after 23 years of doing the walk with this darn disease and 
Gretchen discusses various options for diets/WOE or whatever and 
pushes none.  

I have no vested interest in this book despite the fact I know 
Gretchen - just found it very helpful and readable and I've loaned it 
to newbies who found it helped lift the fog, fear and ignorance often 
associated with dx.

Personally I go for a moderately low carb way of eating and use the 
Glycemic Index to help.  Also go for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 
monounsat fat route and eat some fruit and veg and definitely cover 
the 5 portions per day without going over 70g carb total.  I just 
choose my fruits and veggies carefully and add herbs, spices, seeds 
and appropriate nuts etc to keep the trace elements etc in balance.

I still need 5 or 6 injections a day (involving 2 basal intermediate 
acting and 3 or 4 humalog)  to do this, although insulin doses are 
lower than on the higher carb route.  For me this reduces bloating, 
blood pressure levels and keeps most of the neuropathy in bowels 
reasonably under control.  

If your friend keeps good DM control on 2 injections a day - more 
power to her elbow :-)  If I sound faintly envious - it could be 
because I am <G>

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