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Re: [IPk] High Blood sugars :(

Hi Julian,

High blood sugars. Some other things to think about that have not yet been 

I get high ones for what seems like no reason and a couple of days later get 
the cold!

Is there excess air in insulin.  I use an H-tron which means that i have to 
fill the pump cartridge from vial. (D-trons use the prfilled pen cartridges) 
Interestingly enough, insulin at fridge temp 'swells'.  Once it reaches room 
temp or body temp it 'shrinks', so if one is filling the pump cartridges it 
should always be done with room temp insulin.  If they are filled from a 
vial straight from the fridge, when the temp of insulin rises, there will be 
air in the cartridge.  I noticed this when i first went on the pump. (Its 
all in the manual anyway!

Unlikely that you have stretch marks, as absorbtion isn't good in those.

If the set isn't far enough under the skin then this can affect absorbtion.

Is your insulin in date, or has it been at room temp for a long period of 

Oh well good luck and hope you're not feeling to yucky!


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