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[IPk] (no subject)

Hi all,

An advance apology for not including references - new computer and net 
provider, haven't worked out how to edit e-mails (any tips from aol users 
would be welcome...)!

Rhoda, you've had some horrible experiences, both from medical problems and 
as an inpatient.  You still sound cheerful!  The story of the nurse reminds 
me of a stay in a hospital where the concept of a diabetic appeared to be 
someone who couldn't eat ANY form of sugar - I was presented with a carb-free 
salad when my bg was low and in need of a more substantial lunch; when I 
asked for something with carb in it, I got a cold savoury Complan drink... My 
best wishes to you.

Thanks for the BMJ article, John, I don't normally read my copy till Sat/Sun 
but this spurred me on!  It's important to realise that this was a 
meta-analysis of previous trials, only one of which was published after 1990. 
 This is a high profile publication so I am rather concerned by the 
conclusions - not the attitude of the States or some countries in Europe 
where the pump is used much more than here.  I have a horrible feeling that 
if NHS funding of pumps and consumables does become widely available, there 
will be strict selection criteria.

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