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Re: [IPk] Weight and diet

Greetings, all, from a long lost list member. I have been around, but I 
haven't had the chance to check my mail properly for a couple of weeks!

Unlike most people that post to this list, I have trouble maintaining a 
weight in the target normal range. I am almost always borderline 
underweight. So, I think I know something about keeping weight off!

Essentially, I agree with Anne's comments. I am vegetarian and I tend to eat 
lots of plates of vegetables and pulses (lentils,etc), lots of salads. The 
only advice the dietician ever really has for me in terms of putting on 
weight is 'eat more fat'. Which I do. I eat layers of butter on my ryvita, 
so thick I have made others a bit nauseous when they see me eating it.

Most 'health conscious' people these days don't actually eat much fat 
because they're eating all these horrible low fat yogurts, etc. So fat is 
probably not your problem. I suggest fruit and vegetables for some of the 
grain-based carbs in your meals, and eating fruit and veg as snacks. A very 
filling and magnificent mixed salad may have only 30-40g of carb in it. To 
get the same filling effect from a grain-based meal might require 70-80g of 
carb. More carbs mean more calories mean more weight. Personally, I have 
always found a large salad more satisfying and longer lasting than a bowl of 
pasta. But this is something that will differ amongst individuals.

Now that spring is here, take the opportunity to eat more fresh fruit and 
veg instead of bread. Of course, this is easy for me to say, because I 
really enjoy fruit and veg and grow some of my own. If you have prejudices 
against veg, consider whether it's because of overcooked mush when you were 
a child, and try stirfries, etc.


> > I know a few of you must have had the same problem as me when you went 
>the pump you put on weight and are now finding it hard to lose a bit, has
>anyone got a good diet to follow, for us on pumps.
> > Thanks
> > Rob
>Hi Rob, yep at first I put on weight but now I am slowly losing it:)
>I have been eating less carbs with each meal and over all eating less, I
>have also improved what I eat, adding more fruit and veg and less fat
>type 1, 11 years
>pumper 10 months

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