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[IPk] pulmoary emboli, hospitals etc

Sorry to hear you've had such a rough time- must have been very scary. Hope
you're feeling better now.
Do you know the cause of the emboli ie did they develop after a fracture or
prolonged journey or just out of the blue?

I think we've all heard horror stories of hospital treatment, glad you
managed to maintain control of things  and had a positive experience with
the diabetes nurse.( I've heard of nurses not giving insulin before food, or
not giving it because the patient'sBG is normal rather than high- I think
you really do have to be assertive in this situation- must be hard to strike
a balance between this and avoiding rudeness)

Is finance the main barrier to you using a pump or is it a question of
consultant still practising 19th century diabetes care?

best of luck, you certainly deserve it after a 3 year battle
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