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Re: [IPk] have you all gone

Vic, relax - you've upset no-one - at least not this no-one <G>

Di congratulations on the housebuying.  Good luck with everything and hope the 
move goes well.  High stress doing a number on your bgs?

My report is very mixed.  Out of the last 13 weeks I've spent 9 in hospital - 
divided into 2 stays - both emergency admissions.

First stay (due to infected asthma etc)gave me the heebie-jeebies on the level 
of information re DM some (and I stress - some) Staff Nurses had of DM and how 
to control it - especially re insulin.  I firmly kept control and had a couple 
of fights to do this but managed it.  DM specialist nurse was excellent when I 
eventually managed to see her.

I developed multiple pulmonary emboli so had great "fun" being in hospital 
since before Christmas.  Also developed various infections and neither asthma 
nor wafarin treatment for clots could be stabilised.  Finally discharged on 24 
drugs!!! on 7th Feb and on 22nd Feb was re-admitted haemorrhaging badly from an 
artery in the duodenum. No previous history of ulcer. Paramedics took me in 
after I passed out in loo.  They were pushing blood in but I was losing it 
faster so 4 days in Intensive Care followed while the fight continued.  Surgery 
was not an option in the state I was in.  Mind you if I had auditioned for St 
Peter singing "Open up those pearly gates" he'd either have brought out the 
detour signs or sent me back to annoy you more.

Good thing was that in ICU they put me on insulin IV - and it controlled bgs 
wonderfully.  When I go back in April to the DM clinic I'm going armed with 
loads of graphs and data with my results to help push for a pump.  3rd year of 

Not on Warfarin for 8 weeks due to bleeding so injecting instead 18000 units of 
Fragmin.  Boy does it sting!

The central-line experience in your neck to your heart is also something to be 
avoided at all costs!  

Still after a couple of weeks staying with relatives to get me into less of the 
Rip-van-Winkle sister mode, I'm hoping to return home on Saturday.  Lots of 
help being required for now - which is a shock to my independent system.

If being on an insulin pump is as helpful in controlling bgs as the IV pump 
was, with reduced insulin requirements as a welcome bolus, then I'm really 
pushing for it.  I'll re-start the letter-writing campaign when I get home.

Sorry to run on.  But there you go, Vic complained of silence!

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