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[IPk] MM315/320 and a question about cost of barriers

What a coincidence!  I am going to try out the QuickSet (6mm / 43
inches) this afternoon.  I'm largely trying them because I get irritated
by the SoftSet.

I have tried using the 'tegaderm' barrier.  My local Lloyds chemist sold
me two at 6p each, and Boots in a nearby large town sold me one for 66p
- which is the correct price? - who can't read????   Neither could
supply 'op-site', which I understand is the alternative. 

I am wondering if the reaction is not to the chemicals, but a stress
reaction, as recently I forgot to take my SofSerter, and had to insert
by hand.  One went fine, but the second was massively reactive, I got
two no-delivery alarms, and when I took it out, the cannula was bent.  I
just went back to using the previous site for an extra two days, because
I found them so difficult to push in - whehter I pulled skin tight,
pushed it up, or left it on its own, the needle just won't go in:
pushing down just causes a big dent in my skin, to the depth of the

I'll let you know how I get on.

Best wishes,

(dm30+, 508 9months+, still not joined the Dutch group - it's thing
number 4510 on the list of things to do).

In message <000d01c1cc50$dcd54960$email @ redacted>, Frank   Blom
<email @ redacted> writes
>> Dear All,
>> Thanks for the information.  A note to minimed reps: I do think it
>> rather stupid to only differentiate two produces by the name, printed
>> white on blue, when the only difference between the produces is that one
>> has a 6mm tube, and the other has a 9mm tube. Yes, by tube I mean the
>> bit of cannular that sticks down into you.  I am allegedly not fat, and
>> so have the little 6mm tubes, rather than the longer ones.
>>  Please write 6mm and 9mm on the package!
>> Best wishes to all,
>> Pat
>> (dm 30+, 508 9 months +, literacy problems, evidently)
>Actually there are 4 types of Soft set and also 4 types of Quick set. Not
>only the cannula has two different lenghts (6 and 9 mm), but also the
>lenghts of the tubes is different (Softset: 42" and 24"; Quick set: 43"and
>23"). On the package of the Quick set the length of the cannula is
>mentioned, on the one of the Soft set not. Since one week I am using the
>Quick set instead of the Soft set and I must say it is much much better. The
>place on the tube, where  you can disconnect the tube, was always pressing
>into my skin. On the Quick set you disconnect the tubes where it is attached
>to the cannula.
>Regards, Frank
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Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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