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Re: [IPk] Have been on the pump since December 01

It was great to read Donalds story, it gives us all hope and happiness. I've 
been on the pump for two years and i really feel in control. May many more 
have the chance to benefit like us hey?

Glad you are doing so well Donald,


>From: "Donald O' Donnell" <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: [IPk] Have been on the pump since December 01
>Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002 18:50:48 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
>Hi there all  pumpers.
>Well now I have been on the pump for four mouths now and I have to tell the
>world that I am simply doing great.
>After all the problems that we all go through in the first three mouth,
>getting use to letting the basal rate to it's job and not being to scared
>about it.
>Meal Bolus not being to scared to give myself a good amount to deal with 
>meal, and now two hours after my meal my reading are 7 to 9.
>I go to bed with a reading of 5 to 7 and wake up with a reading of 4 to 5.
>I can now miss a meal if I wish of maybe I have not had the time for one, 
>if I am feeling a pig I can go ahead and bolus as needed and still get a
>good reading two hours later.
>In January 02 I saw my Diabetic Doctor At the London Whitechapel Hospital
>and he was pleased how I was doing remember I had only been on the pump for
>four weeks, and with confidence he told me that there is no reason to see
>him till October 02 and said to me if there is a problem then I may get in
>touch with them, and I said I will, and he wish me luck.
>This Thursday 13 March I had my second visit to the Renal clinic the first
>one was last year this time, ( remember I have only one kidney left and the
>one that is left is playing up, Playing up means- Nephropathy- I had to ask
>the Doctor how to spell this) well he was so pleased with my readings and
>said that this is a good chance that the detraction of the kidney may very
>well slow down, and I gave them a load of blood to test and he will let me
>know how it is when he get the results ( this is why I got on to the pump )
>so I may well be here for a good few years now.
>Also my looks have changed, yes I am 52 now and one should expect a curtain
>detractions with the arrival of old age, but my colleges at work ask me 
>have I been doing? I look so good so well, my skin looks so conditioned and
>some have said so loverly ( I have to take care here, being a manager I
>would if there were after something from me like more pay or overtime) but
>so many were saying it and I started to believe it.
>So here I a message to all those who are wondering is they should go on to 
>pump, well I  believe that pumps are a good thing for us Diabetic's and 
>this control those of you that start off on a pump have a good chance to
>live a life without the problem that are thrown on us that have started at 
>later date.
>So good luck and here's to you all. Donald
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