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Re: [IPk] MM315/320

> Dear All,
> Thanks for the information.  A note to minimed reps: I do think it
> rather stupid to only differentiate two produces by the name, printed
> white on blue, when the only difference between the produces is that one
> has a 6mm tube, and the other has a 9mm tube. Yes, by tube I mean the
> bit of cannular that sticks down into you.  I am allegedly not fat, and
> so have the little 6mm tubes, rather than the longer ones.
>  Please write 6mm and 9mm on the package!
> Best wishes to all,
> Pat
> (dm 30+, 508 9 months +, literacy problems, evidently)
Actually there are 4 types of Soft set and also 4 types of Quick set. Not
only the cannula has two different lenghts (6 and 9 mm), but also the
lenghts of the tubes is different (Softset: 42" and 24"; Quick set: 43"and
23"). On the package of the Quick set the length of the cannula is
mentioned, on the one of the Soft set not. Since one week I am using the
Quick set instead of the Soft set and I must say it is much much better. The
place on the tube, where  you can disconnect the tube, was always pressing
into my skin. On the Quick set you disconnect the tubes where it is attached
to the cannula.
Regards, Frank
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