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[IPk] Re: D Tron Power Packs, and electromagnetic interference

> I understand that these powerpacks are supposed to last for
> approximately 3
> months.  My first one lasted a matter of days and my second has
> lasted about
> 5 weeks.  I only use the basic functions and do not use the back
> light at
> any time.
> Is this a common problem or is it just me??

I was also told that the batteries for the Disetronic pump should last
up to 3 months.  In my experience it has always been between 2-3 months
except one lot of batteries that only lasted 10 days-3 weeks - I phoned
the local Disetronic agent who mailed me free replacement batteries
immediately and asked me to send the bad batteries back.

In this discussion of duration of battery usage, everyone has mentioned
using 'only the basic functions' and no one has commented that one of
the major tasks a battery has to fulfil is pumping insulin - so if your
daily insulin requirements are high, you may be demanding much more
daily basic work from your pump batteries than if you only use say 20
units a day - in theory - but I don't know if people's experience bears
this out!  
In case anyone wants to do a survey, my basic use includes 20-30 units
a day (depending on how much carb I decide to consume), and quite
frequent checking to see if absent-minded pre-meal haste I did or did
not remember to bolus, plus frequently setting temporary basal rates in
the event of highs or lows.

Regarding electromagnetic interference, although I am a medical
physicist, I have not come across any reference to study of adverse
effects of this nature of the pump - I imagine that if there are
effects they are very small and therefore difficult to assess - this
could be worth checking, but I am not volunteering!  
Someone commented about removing the pump while having an MRI scan -
this is very important and not just an extra-cautious precaution, and
the main reason for doing so is not because the pump contains metal,
but because the very strong magnetic field of an MRI scanner could wipe
out all the electronic information in your pump (as it wipes out credit
cards), and while doing so who knows how much insulin your pump might
or might not give.


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