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Re: [IPk] Canula Change time!!!

> > My pump nurse told me that while the general rule is a once-inserted
> > prime of 0.5 for a silhouete and 0.3 for a sof-set, she has one patient
> > who needs a 'massive' prime.  Seeing as I'm 'normal' (ha!  don't get to
> > say _that_ very often) I didn't ask how big is 'massive'.
> I use a 1 unit prime for a Silhouette, which seems to work for me.
> But occasionally I'll still get the BG rise a couple of hours
> afterwards. I always try to check a couple of hours later, correct
> as necessary, and not worry too much about it. But if it's happening
> every time, then there's clearly something wrong. 

The requirement for the prime after insertion is based on the volume
occupied by the insertion needle that you remove.

For the SofSet, that volume is 0.5 units and for the 
Sil/Tender/Comfort set is ~0.8u  -- 1 unit will do fine for those 
that bolus in 0.5u steps. this is based on manufacturers information.

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