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Re: [IPk] Infections

>I've only been on the pump for a few weeks. I'm using the Tender cannulas.
>How often should I expect infections? How common are they?
>I suppose it depends upon bg control and how carefully you stop dirt
>getting to the site and how regularly you change the infusion set?
> How do i know when/if it's infected? and what should I do if it does get
>infected (apart from the obvious, remove it)?

Hi Liam -

Varies a lot from person to person. I've been pumping for over 4 years, and
I've never had a bad infection, although I occasionally get slight allergic
reactions which go away once I change infusion set. I change every 2 days.
Deciding when to change is tricky if you are self-funded, but luckily I
have funding.


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