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Re: [IPk] Re: Adiport

> I woke up in the morning, checked my bg, took a small correction bolus.
> Then I got up, got dressed, had a light breakfast (cornflakes + coffee),
> bolussed, and got on with the day. 2 hours later I checked my bg and it was
> 11.3. That's not horribly high, but it's higher than I was expecting, since
> I'd generously bolussed at breakfast, and my infusion set had been changed
> only 12 hours earlier. I thought of doing a quick correction bolus, but I'm
> trying to cut down on these (I tend to do it just as an earlier bolus is
> cutting in, causing my bg to crash an hour later). I checked my infusion
> set to see everything was ok - doh!!! - the tubing wasn't connected! When
> I'd got dressed I'd forgotten to reconnect: it was lying loose in my
> trouser pocket with my pump. My breakfast insulin had happily gone down my
> trouser leg. Problem solved :o/
> Anyone else make stupid mistakes like this? I seem to forget to reconnect
> about once a year at the moment.
> John

Hi John
I seem to remember you've done this before :-)
Perhaps you could come up with a better routine to ensure that you don't 
forget to reconnect when getting dressed?
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